Innovative Thinking

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In the Innovative Thinking System™ you will discover that creativity and innovation are skills that can be learned. It will teach you how to create new ideas and implement them in the workplace.

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Gain the techniques and know-how to accelerate innovation by participating in one of our ITS™ workshops. Become an ITS™ Certified Trainer to provide ITS™ training to your clients/employees.

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Check out “Innovative Thinking: Unleashing the Creative Power of Your Mind” by Business Consultants, Inc. to learn how to accelerate innovation.

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Innovative AKi
  • My ideas in Innovation and how it can be applied in the business world was inspired by how Madonna (famous singer) innovates herself continuously... This is why I chose to become an ITS ™ Trainer..
    Gem Brion Zabala, President and CEO of ACG Philippines
  • I have experienced other creative thinking workshops before. But an approach of this workshop is totally different form others. It is simple and easy to understand. My favorite portion is “Kyoso (create something with others)”. The concept opened my eyes through discussions with other members. It leads me to think that I would like to spread innovation in my workplace as a creative leader rather than think only by myself.
    from a marketing company
  • I usually felt that I needed to change my view point when I generated ideas but I did not know how to do. In this workshop, I feel that I found a way to solve this problem!
    from an electric conglomerate company
  • I didn’t think that I could use techniques to generate ideas for problem solving at my workplace. Before participating in this workshop, I only used fixed conventional ways and past experiences to solve problems. I learned several techniques through this ITS workshop to come up with many ideas. Furthermore, I experienced that more excellent ideas can be added when I work together with other members, and this process is called “Kyoso” in Japanese and the meaning is to create something together. All the techniques are useful and I will use them, starting tomorrow, in my workplace.
    from a telecom company
  • The messages of this workshop “Focus on more quantity than quality in the divergent thinking phase” and “Think for oneself and with other members (Kyoso)” were conveyed clearly throughout the workshop.  It benefited me well to see my unconscious thinking patters as well as to acquire useful techniques in generating ideas.
    from R&D department of a beverage company