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Break Limitations

Learn how to break ones limitations.
・Limitations in thinking
・Limitations in behavior
We provide methods to help break through these limitations and help organizations thrive in a competitive environment. First, we need to be aware of our self-imposed thinking limitations which can sabotage innovation efforts.

Master New Techniques

Master new techniques that will help create innovative ideas.
・Product and service Innovation
・Process Innovation
Experience how to change your view point through exercises and try various methods to break through ordinary thinking patterns. Learn how to systematically apply techniques for idea generation.

Choose and Implement

Learn how to choose the best idea out of many and develop plans for its presentation and implementation. At this stage, it is important to take care of the human side of organizational life. Include people, think of how you can get important people on your side, persuade influencers about what is the most important process, etc.

ITS™ unique features

Discover new ways of thinking

Developing original ideas isn’t dependent only on one’s ability, it’s also important to acquire techniques to develop new ideas. When these “idea creation techniques” are systematically applied, the productivity of idea generation can be substantially improved. To see results with these techniques it’s important to check one’s “paradigm”.

We assume when organizations operate over a long period of time, their way of thinking regarding products, jobs, and clients becomes stiff and inflexible. In this course, our focus is on helping others discover new ways of thinking and doing things.

More than 10,000 participants have benefited from this program

More than 10,000 participants from a wide range of organizations have benefited from the ITS™ program. ITS™ is currently being implemented in America, China, Korea, Denmark, and the Philippines among other countries. ITS™ has also been featured in presentations at training conferences such as ASTD for several years.

Break through your common perceptions

Break through your common perceptions by acquiring the 7 divergent thinking techniques for creating original ideas.

How to implement your idea

After creating tremendous numbers of ideas using the 7 divergent thinking techniques, we also look at how to screen the best ideas out of many, fine-tune the screened ones, and more importantly, we focus on how to develop effective implementation plans for the ideas.

Who would benefit?

Everyone will benefit from ITS™!

For those interested in learning more about innovative thinking and want to:

1.Boost Team Creativity
For Human resource managers, consultants and executive coaches who want to use ITS™ for individual and team creativity

2.Develop New Business
For Managers in R&D who are responsible for developing new products/services

3.Improve Business
For Marketing managers who want to create a new marketing strategy

4.Increase Creativity
For Anyone who wants to increase his/her creativity and lead others

Main Course Topics


・Why innovation is important
・Modes of thinking
・About creativity
・Mechanisms of idea generation
・Thinking “TAGA”
・Creativity block



・Methods for creating ideas (the 7-Inventing Techniques)
・Idea planning exercise
・Methods for screening ideas (the 7-Screening Techniques)
・Methods for fine-tuning ideas (the 7-Polishing Techniques)
・Methods for implementation planning (the 7-Mapping Techniques)

Participant Data for 2014

The Key to Growth: Innovative Thinking Development

In this program, participants learn systematically how to initiate innovation through divergent and convergent thinking techniques.
By becoming aware of their preconceived notions (“taga”), participants can then take the steps to unlock their creative potential to create new value.

Industries and Positions of Participants

We have arranged participant data for the 2014 fiscal year below. See how ITS is used by a diversity of industries and people below:

Total participants for open workshops in 2014 (April-Dec.): 62
*Data from open workshops conducted in Japan


industry Most participants were from the construction or manufacturing industries. This illustrates the high need for innovation in these industries.


position The majority of participants were managers and section chiefs who use ITS in a wide-range of applications. Those who attend ITS are leaders seeking innovation.


Most participants were in their 30’s or 40’s. However, participants covered a wide age range showing that interest in innovation is not age specific.

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