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The ITS™ program helps on Innovation in Philippines – A Food Brand Repositioning Case Study

  • Feb 04, 2016
  • By Business Consultants, inc.
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the-its-program-helps-on-innovation-in-philippines-a-food-brand-repositioning-case-studyACG Human Capital Solutions, Corp. is an ITS™ program provider in the Philippines. Gem, is the CEO and the Lead Consultant of ACG and she has kindly agreed to share one of her successful stories from working with a client. This short case tells the story of a food brand repositioning project in a leading Philippine conglomerate.

Checking innovation initiatives with an external professional

‘Juana’ is a marketing and project manager for one of the biggest conglomerates in the Philippines.
She was given the responsibility to re-create the brand “OATMEAL IN A CUP”, and to increase its market presence as opposed to Quaker Oats which is a similar product.

Fortunately, this task coincided with her participation in an ITS™ workshop facilitated by ACG in January 2015. During the training session, she worked on coming up with not only an abundance of ideas, but also polishing and screening these ideas from a market perspective.
More importantly, she also realized the value of considering both hard and soft aspects when it comes to planning for these ideas. A coaching process followed up the workshop from ACG to help in assessing the milestones and checking up on the implementation roadmap of the project.

ITS™ enables to look at a market from a new perspective for re-positioning of an existing product

After attending the ITS™ workshop, she had the following to say:

” Having a framework for our ideas for the annual planning and brainstorming about our products and partners helped me a lot in the repositioning of my targeted product launch date. This gave me more confidence in having a higher ‘approval rate’ from my boss. Aside from the pending availability of the machine (she presented a complete Road Map of her project based on when the machine will arrive in the Philippines), the ITS workshop helped me as well in identifying the ideas that will make the product more acceptable by the market”

Result from her project

The product was launched in September 2015 and it’s now available in the market and enjoyed by consumers nationwide.


It is important to create a Road Map that considers not only the hard aspects of the idea implementation but also the soft aspects. That is, to think both of the smooth execution of the project, since people are the vital entities of the project. Checking on the progress with a third party on a regular basis is also useful to make sure that the project is progressing steadily. You can learn about this and more, by attending our ITS™ training program.

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