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The ITS program helps on Innovation in Philippines –Store Branch Innovation

  • Feb 01, 2016
  • By Business Consultants, inc.
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the-its-program-helps-on-innovation- in-philippines-store-branch-innovationACG Human Capital Solutions, Corp. is the ITS™ Program provider in the Philippines. Gem, is the CEO and Lead Consultant of ACG and she has kindly agreed to share one of her success stories from working with a client. This short case describes the successful application of the ITS™ Methodology by a top engineer and project manager from one of the biggest fast food chains in the Philippines.

Brick wall for innovation is not in the idea itself but in the process

Engineer “Juan” had for a long time an idea to propose to the top management for a Solar Photovoltaic Energy Supply System to save energy (electricity consumption) in the stores. He finally decided to propose his idea to his immediate manager in June 2013.
Even though the content of his idea was good, his inability to explain it in details and present it well led to it being shut down.

What he learned to make his idea happen from attending ITS™ Training

In October 2013, he attended an ITS™ Workshop facilitated by ACG. After the 3 day workshop he said:
“After attending this ITS™ Workshop I was humbled. Because I thought all the while, I already know everything about my project and how to present it to my superiors. But, I stand corrected. I realized that this program helped me a lot in preparing myself to present my ideas to the stakeholders.

Power/Resistance Mapping – this technique was new to me and I needed it to prepare and plan the project presentations to the Management Committee (Engineering /R&D/QM/Operations). This new information I got from the training (ITS™) could help me in our upcoming projects.

Very timely for the Quantum Leap direction of our company in the forthcoming years.”


Results from the successful acceptance of an innovative idea

In July 2014, he presented his Solar Photovoltaic Energy Supply System Project to the Top Management. In January 2015, the Top Management decided to have the first three pilot stores to use these solar panels.

Not only was his idea finally adopted, but it also yielded great results.

Calculations show that each store with the newly installed solar panels generated a total average savings of P 10,000,000.00 or $ 209,570.00 worth of electricity per month.


You may think that the key to success for innovation is to come up with great innovative ideas.
However, it doesn’t begin and end there.
You must also consider the process of idea implementation, as it is equally important to the success of innovation when your idea gets implemented or be put into action.

You can learn about this and more by attending our ITS™ Training Program.

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