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Terms of use for the usage of personal information

All collected personal information shall be used in relation to providing customer support in consultation, responding to requests, and in relation to any other inquiry.  For more information, please check our privacy policy below:

Principles of Personal Information Protection

We, Business Consultants, Inc, value the trust of stakeholders, clients, organizations, and individuals as a valuable asset. We are therefore committed to protecting the personal information of all clients.

– From Business Consultants Inc’s Standards of Ethical Behavior

Personal Information Collection and Usage

1. We wish to clarify that the collection and usage of client information is for the sole purpose of providing services to our clients. This information will be protected and will not be used outside of the scope of services that we provide.

Management and Protection of Personal Information

  1. Client personal data is managed strictly and will not be disclosed to any third party without the client’s consent.
  2. Business Consultants Inc. takes careful measures to protect client information but in the event that client information is unwillingly exposed Business Consultants Inc. has measures in place to compensate clients for any losses suffered within reason.
  3. It may be necessary for Business Consultants Inc to outsource the handling of client information. In this case, all efforts will be made by Business Consultants Inc, to select a company that offers the utmost protection of client information.
  4. In the case that we wish to use your personal information in client materials, we will provide you with a point of contact within our organization.  We will respond to client requests, complaints, correction requests, and requests for consultation within reason.
  5. In the case that client information is leaked, we will make all efforts to stop the leak and prevent a similar incident from occurring.  Business Consultants Inc. will also make public to clients any information regarding a leak of client information and its extent as soon as possible.

Applicable laws

Business Consultants Inc. will comply with the laws and regulations that apply in relation to personal information guidelines held by the company, national law, and other norms prescribed by Japan.

Continuous Improvement of the Protection of Personal Information

We, Business Consultants Inc, are also dedicated to the continuous improvement of the protection of personal information management systems and mechanisms.

In our company, we implement a system of continuous improvement of management mechanisms for the protection of personal information.

External Transmission of Personal Information Protection Policy

Along with the thorough understanding of this policy by all employees of Business Consultants Inc, this policy is also available to the public on the Business Consultants Inc website.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions regarding our information collection and delivery or how to request a change of personal information, cancellation, or a description of the privacy guidelines please contact us at:

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